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N12’s products are designed to help your composite structures do more with less. Achieve the same load-carrying capacity with a lighter, thinner laminate using  NanoStitch®.  Then take advantage of increased conductivity for sensing, heating and thermal management using the N12’s Surface Layer System (SLS).



Interlaminar Reinforcement

N12 NanoStitch® is added during composite lay-up to reinforce the interlaminar region. NanoStitch has demonstrated a 30% increase in interlaminar fracture toughness during third-party testing. NanoStitch® is compatible with industry-standard composite manufacturing processes and requires no special tools.


N12 Surface Layer System (SLS)

Non-invasive functionality

Improve in-plane thermal and electrical conductivity using N12’s Surface Layer System. It’s perfect for surface curing and deicing applications.  Combine it with NanoStitch® placed in-between fiber plies to enhance mechanical properties and add functionality while significantly reducing de-bonding and delamination in critical areas, such as the leading edge of a wing.

n12 logo Labs | Research Development

Through a series of technical partnerships with global manufacturers of prepreg carbon fiber and resin films, N12 is developing compatible product carriers to enable seamless integration of N12 NanoStitch® VACNT forests into industrialised production of thermoset and thermoplastic composite components. This includes a series of prepreg formulations with our N12 VACNTs surface embedded, insertion options for resin films and foils embedded with N12 VACNTs compatible with HP-RTM and vertical and horizontal infusion processes, and longer-term thermoset PEEK films embedded with N12 VACNTs. These partnerships will allow user groups to choose from a range of world-class suppliers carrying industrial volumes of N12 products and delivering jointly, through proven supply channels, a technically-optimized range of quality guaranteed products.