n12 partner GE

N12 Technologies and GE Global Research have submitted a white paper to the Department of Energy to develop ‘Integrated Smart Composite Systems for Wind Blades.’ The combination of GE Global Research’s extensive technical leadership in the wind industry and N12’s innovative work to commercialize low-cost, high-volume vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes will result in stronger, tougher and lighter composite structures with the potential to have a positive impact on energy generation in the United States.

n12 partner Saab

N12 Technologies is proud to be working with Saab AB to quantify the benefits of carbon nanomaterials in next-generation composite structures for aerospace applications. The partnership between Saab AB and N12 has been vital to N12’s success in driving production capacity from laboratory scale to industrial quantities.

“Having lived through aerospace’s transition from aluminum to composite, I expect N12’s nanotechnology to have a comparable impact on the industry.”
— Pontus Nordin, Technical Fellow, Saab AB

n12 partner Tencate

N12 Technologies and TenCate Advanced Composites have a collaborative relationship to develop markets for TenCate composite materials enhanced with N12 NanoStitch®.

“We have looked at a number of other nanomaterials to improve our product lines, but to date, only N12’s product has delivered truly remarkable results.”
— Steve Mead, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TenCate Advanced Composites