NanoStitch®-enhanced prepreg

N12 Technologies has developed NanoStitch® to integrate directly with a company’s existing prepreg system, enabling next-generation performance using today’s prepreg solutions. It is compatible with a wide variety of fiber-resin systems and requires no changes to an existing fabrication process.


If you would like to try NanoStitch® prepreg in your application, please contact us.

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Working with N12

N12’s team is here to support customers throughout the testing and development process to ensure that NanoStitch®-enhanced products achieve superior performance in your application. Our team is available to work with your team to deliver end-to-end support of your NanoStitch®-enhanced product.


Fiber-resin Integration

N12 will optimize NanoStitch® for your fiber-resin system to ensure that you get the highest performance and compatibility with your existing process and product line. Send us your existing prepreg and we will return it nano-enhanced. N12 will also help in selecting new systems or working with your current supply chain partners to integrate directly in your chosen prepreg or resin film system. N12 has existing relationships with all major suppliers.


Fabrication and Applications Development

N12 applications and testing engineers will work with your product and testing teams to deliver the highest performance enhancement in your application. Our team of industry veteran engineers are available to travel to your development and manufacturing sites to ensure that you have a smooth transition to NanoStitch-enhanced composites. We support your team in test selection and support, applications development, and analysis and interpretation of testing results.


Manufacturing Integration and Scale-up

N12 supports your NanoStitch® product integration and scale-up by working directly with your manufacturing team and supply chain partners to deliver consistent high-performance with your existing production technology. NanoStitch® requires no changes to your existing layup, cure schedule, handling, or product design.

Additional N12 Products Under Development

N12 creates nano-enhanced products in a wide variety of form factors in order to integrate directly with your existing manufacturing process. We have a number of technologies under development and are eager to work with you to deliver new products and form factors for your application.


NanoStitch®-enhanced resin film

Through a series of technical partnerships with global manufacturers of prepreg carbon fiber and resin films, N12 is developing compatible product carriers to enable seamless integration of N12 NanoStitch® VACNT forests into industrialized production of thermoset and thermoplastic composite components. This includes a series of prepreg formulations with our N12 VACNTs surface embedded, insertion options for resin films, films embedded with N12 VACNTs compatible with HP-RTM and vertical and horizontal infusion processes, and thermoplastic films embedded with N12 VACNTs.


N12 Surface Layer System™ (SLS)

For multifunctional composite applications, N12’s Surface Layer System™ (SLS) improves in-plane thermal and electrical conductivity. SLS™ can be used to treat the surface of a composite and combined with interlaminar NanoStitch® to create the ultimate multifunctional composite.